You’ll Never Regret Fixing a Broken Bone

There are moments in life when you do something foolish. Then, you keep wishing you could go back in time to fix your mistake. We imagine that’s how Blake Snell felt a couple of weeks ago when he dropped a piece of granite on his foot and broke his toe.

The Tampa Bay Rays pitcher was barefoot at the time. It seems he moved a 2-piece vanity on a whim while getting out of the shower. “Let me just move this real quick,” he probably said to himself, forgetting to include the cautious part, “even though I’m barefoot and shouldn’t be moving heavy objects without protecting my feet.”

We’ve all been there. One bad decision gets us on the injured list pronto. We can’t go back in time but there are definitely steps you should take if you drop something heavy on your foot:

Treat a broken bone promptly
If like Snell, you’ve broken a toe or another bone in your foot, it’s important to find out as soon as possible. You may think it’s not broken because it’s only swollen a little. Or, you can walk on it without much pain. But the truth is that even if you can walk, you may still have a broken bone. Broken bones that don’t heal properly are weakened and susceptible to breakage again in the future. They’re also prime places for arthritis to set in.

Avoid the dangers – and regrets – of not fixing a broken bone. Get a professional assessment when you injure your foot. Call us in Montgomery, Alabama at (334) 396-3668 or contact us online. And do remember to protect your feet when lifting heavy objects!