6 Scenarios that Warrant a Visit to the Podiatrist

Are your feet giving you problems? It might never have occurred to you that you should see a podiatrist. But a podiatrist is the only kind of doctor that specializes in just the feet. We’re highly trained to treat all the things that can go wrong, foot-wise. In honor of Foot Health Awareness Month, take a moment to ask yourself if you fit into any of the following 6 scenarios. If so, consider making an appointment with the expert foot doctors at Montgomery Foot Care Specialists.

  1. Your shoes wear out in weird places.
    If you find your shoes just aren’t lasting as long as they should, you may have an issue with your gait. An examination of the wear patterns in your shoes can determine if you’re turning your foot inward or outward too much – which can lead to foot pain down the road.
  2. You’ve got a family history of foot issues.
    Bunions, flat feet, and arthritis are three examples of foot ailments that run in families. Any foot pain you’re experiencing may be inherited.
  3. You’ve just decided to start running.
    The sport of running is really hard on your feet. If you’ve recently started, an appointment with our podiatrists for a complete foot exam can rule out any pre-existing conditions that might lead to injury – or find a problem and correct it before running makes it worse.
  4. You’ve got diabetes.
    This one is really a no-brainer. If you have diabetes, you must take very special care of your feet. Studies have shown that regular visits to the podiatrist greatly lower the risk of limb amputation. Dr. Heidi M. Christie and Dr. Chanda L. Day-Houts are expertly trained in all aspects of diabetic foot care, including peripheral neuropathy, nerve pain, and wound care.
  5. You’ve got any type of recurring foot pain.
    Pain in your heel or your arch that won’t go away, difficulty standing, or pain when you walk – all of these are foot problems that will probably get worse without a doctor’s care. Some of them may point to more serious problems. For example, foot pain when walking could actually point to heart disease.
  6. You’ve got skin or toenail problems.
    We can take care of cracked heels, fungal infections, blisters, hot and red ingrown toenails, sores that don’t heal, and anything itchy or scaly. A trained eye and some prescription medications may be all you need to finally knock out persistent skin and nail issues.

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