What Should You Do about Swollen Feet?

If you’ve got swollen feet, don’t panic. It may or may not because for worry.

Sometimes the reason is obvious:

  • You’ve been sitting or standing for a long time
    Blame it on gravity or a weakened circulation system, which is common in the elderly. Prolonged sitting or standing can cause swelling because fluids are pooling in your lower limbs.
  • You’re pregnant
    Swollen feet are extremely common because of hormonal changes. These same hormonal changes can also affect a woman who has her period.
  • You’ve sustained an injury
    Falling down or taking a misstep can overstretch a muscle or ligament.

With the exception of injury, you can try home treatment when the reason for foot swelling seems clear. These include walking around to get your circulation going, resting with your legs propped up higher than your heart, and limiting your intake of salt (which encourages water retention). However, if swelling follows an obvious foot injury, it’s best to contact us at Montgomery Foot Care Specialists to determine how bad it is and what the best treatment will be.

Sometimes the reason for foot swelling isn’t as obvious:

  • Side effects of certain medications
    Check the medication inserts or ask your doctor or pharmacist if this is the case and if your dosage could be adjusted.
  • Arthritis or inflammation in your joints
  • An underlying medical issue
    Persistent swelling may be a sign of heart problems, kidney failure, or liver failure. See a doctor right away if you’ve got a swollen foot accompanied by any of these other troubling symptoms: fever, red-streaked skin, discolored skin, numbness, or tingling.

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