4 Compelling Reasons to Visit a Foot Doctor

Happy New Year to our friends, families, patients, and future patients! At Montgomery Foot Care Specialists, we want you to be aware of some very specific situations that warrant a visit to the podiatrist. If you’re already a patient of Dr. Heidi M. Christie or Dr. Chanda L. Day-Houts or you’re a river region resident who fits into one of the following 4 categories, we’d love to hear from you:


  • You’ve had foot pain for more than a few days.
    You have a better chance at beating your foot pain when you treat it early on. When you ignore symptoms and just keep moving through the pain, new problems can crop up, making treatment longer, more difficult, and more complicated. Dr. Christie and Dr. Day-Houts will help you get to the root cause of arch pain, heel pain, and toe pain as quickly as possible.


  • Treating your pain at home isn’t helping.
    At-home therapies are a good start. But when RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation), over-the-counter pain medications or stretching exercises to relieve heel pain don’t work, it’s time to make an appointment with our expert podiatrists.


  • You’re diabetic.
    Regular appointments with a podiatrist are a must for every diabetic. Diabetes affects the feet in the form of neuropathy (nerve damage) and compromised blood flow. That means you can easily overlook a wound – because you can’t feel it – and it becomes a dangerous ulcer. Even something as simple as a nail infection can become a big deal for the diabetic.


  • You’ve got pain somewhat north of your feet.
    We can often trace nagging pain in your knees, hips, and back to a problem with your foot. Biomechanical imbalances in your feet can affect how you walk and, in turn, can cause pain further up the body.

Your feet support you every step of every day. Keep them healthy by calling us in Montgomery, Alabama at (334) 396-3668 or making an appointment online. For your convenience, we’re open early Monday-Thursday at 7:30 a.m.