Tips to Keep Your Kids’ Feet in Top Shape This Summer

When summer comes around, podiatrists Chanda L. Day-Houts, DPM and Heidi M. Christie, DPM begin to see certain types of foot problems in kids that weren’t prevalent earlier in the year. Blame it on the beautiful Montgomery, Alabama weather that practically pleads with kids to play outside.

The call of the great outdoors is something we should welcome, actually, since we want to do everything we can to get kids away from their screens and thumbsticks and actually getting some exercise. But we want them to enjoy it safely. Parents, make a point to show your kids some ways to protect their feet while playing in the great outdoors. Help them avoid injuries by increasing their awareness: follow these three tips to help ensure summer foot health:

  • Limit time in barefeet– unprotected feet are vulnerable to puncture wounds from rocks and sticks or – even worse – nails, needles, or other dangerous litter. Bare feet can also pick up an infection-causing fungus or bacteria through any existing cuts or scrapes. Children with diabetes should never go barefoot.
  • Pick an appropriate shoe for your activity– sandals or flip-flops have their place, but teach your kids to change into sneakers while riding a bike, playing ball, or doing a lot of running around to avoid foot sprains and strains. Remember, too, that kids can grow like weeds, so make sure they’re playing in a shoe that fits.
  • Wear sunscreen– Yes, even on your feet. You wouldn’t neglect your arms, legs, and face and you shouldn’t short-change your feet, either. Ever had a burn on the tops of your feet? Ouch! It hurts like crazy and sunburns anywhere on your body increases your risk for skin cancer. Teach your kids to continue all the way down their legs to the tips of their toes when applying sunscreen.

Spending time outside is a fantastic way for a kid to make summer memories. Just make sure they protect their feet from the season’s perils. For more information about children’s foot care, feel free to contact us at Montgomery Foot Care Specialists. Our number is (334) 396-3668.