2 Sensible Ways to Stay Safe in Flip Flops

It seems that summer’s here to stay! Montgomery temperatures have been soaring into the 90s and the children have said “so long” to textbooks and quizzes for a while. Many of these kids – and their parents – have also tossed their socks and shoes aside in favor of the beloved flip-flop.

Flip flops can be great: they’re easy to slip on and off, come in creative designs and colors to match your

style, and won’t break the bank. But podiatrists Dr. Heidi M. Christie and Dr. Chanda L. Day-Houts of Montgomery Foot Care Specialists must warn you that unless you use caution, flip-flops can cause a lot of problems for your feet. Here are two pieces of flip-flop advice to take with you into your summer:

  1. Don’t go cheap. If you buy a piece of flat rubber and call it a shoe, you’re putting your feet at risk for painful conditions such as

Why? Because a flat piece of rubber offers no arch support whatsoever. With a cheap flip-flop, every part of your foot is working overtime to actually keep the flip-flop from flipping off – hence the pain and strain. If you own a pair of these inexpensive flip-flops, limit your time in them. For longer-term use, consider purchasing a better pair with a thicker, firmer sole that supports your arch and offers better traction.

  1. Wear them in sensible places

Be smart about what activity you’re doing in flip-flops. Spending a morning on the beach or running a short errand? – Okay. Playing pick-up basketball or mowing the lawn? – Definitely not. One place we definitely do recommend wearing flip-flops is in public showers. They’re great for protecting you from fungal infections.

If a summer spent in flip-flops causes you pain – or you have foot pain for any other reason – be sure to make an appointment with Dr. Christie or Dr. Day-Houts at our Montgomery, Alabama podiatry office. We offer expert advice and treatment options for all kinds of foot problems. Call us at (334) 396-3668 or contact us online.