The Rule of Law for Diabetics

We’ve heard a lot about the “rule of law” in recent years. It’s something that many people believe we must always enforce as a society – the idea that there are particular established laws written down that we must follow. If we don’t, a certain chaos may ensue.

While contemplating the rule of law, it occurred to us that it’s something sufferers of chronic conditions might think about as part of their daily care. Take diabetes, for instance. If you’re a diabetic, there really is a set of rules that you should be following in order to stay as healthy as possible while living with the disease. Not following the rules can make you sick.

So what are the laws that diabetics should obey? Podiatrists Heidi M. Christie, DPM and Chanda L. Day-Houts, DPM of Montgomery Foot Care Specialists offer up the following Diabetic’s Rule of Law for anyone dealing with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes:

  1. Get tested when necessary.
    Follow your primary care doctor’s orders for checking your A1C levels and making and keeping your check up appointments with him or her.
  2. Be compliant with your medications.
    Keep your prescriptions current and take them as directed, no matter how busy life may get.
  3. Wetness is to be banned.
    Keep feet dry by wearing moisture-wicking socks and supportive shoes made of natural materials that “breathe.”
  4. Never go barefoot.
    Breaking this law leaves your foot vulnerable to injury that can lead to ulcers that don’t heal, which in turn puts you at risk for amputation.
  5. Look for and address foot problems immediately.
    We can’t emphasize preventative care enough. The diabetic foot can lose sensitivity so that you’re not even aware you’ve hurt it. Daily diabetic foot care can reveal problems with dry or cracked skin, toenail problems, fungus, and other infections that you should contact us for as soon as possible.

Nobody would ever volunteer to become a part of this society of people dealing with a chronic illness. But those who’ve been diagnosed with diabetes really are part of a club with rules. If you ever need help following these suggested “laws,” Dr. Christie and Dr. Day-Houts are here for you, especially as your diabetes relates to problems with your feet. We welcome your call at our office in Montgomery, AL at (334) 396-3668, or your online inquiry or appointment request.