4 Foot Care Myths You Should Ignore

The American Podiatric Medical Association designates the month of April as Foot Health Awareness Month, which makes our podiatrists smile. Heidi M. Christie, DPM and Chanda L. Day-Houts, DPM are the experienced podiatrists at Montgomery Foot Care Specialists whose mission it is to provide top quality treatment of foot disorders. So foot health is our “raison d’être.”

It’s important for you to be aware that the information out there about feet isn’t always accurate. There are myths about podiatry and foot care that persist. So in honor of Foot Health Awareness Month, we’d like to take this opportunity to debunk some of the more common myths about feet.

Myth #1 – Foot pain is a normal part of aging.
Our feet do take a beating, and after many years of bearing the weight of our activities, you might be tempted to believe that it’s normal for feet to hurt. But foot pain is never normal and you shouldn’t just accept it. There are numerous reasons for pain and numerous ways to treat it.

Myth #2 – It’s not broken if I can walk on it.

If you’ve broken a toe or another bone in your foot, it’s going to hurt. Some people continue to walk on an injured foot because the pain “isn’t too bad.” But walking on a foot that hurts is asking for trouble. If your foot is broken, you can cause more damage by continuing to use it. Even if you can bear some weight, make an appointment with us to get it examined.

Myth #3 – My shoes caused my bunion.

Shoes don’t cause bunions all by themselves. But if you’re already prone to bunions due the inherited structure of your foot, then shoes can make them worse, especially tight toe boxes and high heels.

Myth #4 – Duct tape is great for removing warts.

There’ve been a few small studies that show duct tape is effective at removing warts. But the studies have been smalland haven’t concluded that duct tape always works. If you’ve got a wart or group of warts on your feet, they can be very persistent and resistant to home treatment, including duct tape.

Turn to Dr. Christie and Dr. Day-Houts for accurate information, skilled diagnosis of foot pain and prompt, expert treatment of broken bones, bunions, warts, and all other ailments of the foot. Contact us online or give us a call at (334) 396-3668.