Good Nutrition Matters – Even for Your Feet

Practically from the day you were born, somebody’s been telling you that you’ve got to “eat right.” Your Mom. Your podiatrist and your primary care doctor. Magazine covers that scream “Healthy and Fast Recipes for your Week!” from the shelves of grocery and book stores. Dr. Oz, who spouts recipes from your TV screen. Pop-up ads for home delivery of healthy dinners appear on your computer, enticing you to subscribe so you don’t even have to think about what to cook.

Well, how hard is it to “eat right?” Is it necessary to give in to the temptation of one of those healthy home delivery services? And why do doctors put such a high priority on healthy eating? These are good questions to examine during the month of March – National Nutrition Month.

Wait, what? Eating advice from….your podiatrist?

Yes! It matters a lot to us at Montgomery Foot Care Specialists that our patients get the message: healthy eating counts. That’s because eating right is good for the body, and good nutrition for the body is also good nutrition for the feet.

A proper diet contributes to

  • healthy, hydrated skin
  • strong bones and joints (you’ve got 52 bones and 33 joints in your feet to protect – and don’t forget the numerous ligaments, tendons, and muscles that need nutrients as well)

By contrast, poor nutrition contributes to

  • bones that become brittle and are prone to stress fractures
  • joint pain
  • poor circulation
  • diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and cancer.

Easy options for healthy eating

Getting all the nutrients you need in your diet is as simple as this: eat a variety of foods. Choose whole grains (think brown, not white), lean protein (white meat chicken and fish are good places to start), fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats such as nuts, avocado, and extra virgin olive oil. Eat from all of these food categories and avoid processed foods, fast food, and too much alcohol. Your feet will thank you.

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