A Little Studying Makes Back-to-School Shoe Shopping Easy

Before Montgomery area kids go back to school on August 10, there’s a bit of studying their parents should be doing. The subject: Shoes. Specifically, how to buy them peacefully, without incident, so both parents and kids are happy. Dr. Heidi M. Christie and Dr. Chanda L. Day-Houts, the qualified podiatrists at Montgomery Foot Care Specialists, offer these lessons to help you get a passing grade:

Language – Have a conversation with your child before you even get to the store. Using vocabulary that everyone understands, explain that shoes are for support and for protection, and that style only plays a supporting role in the art of children’s shoe shopping. You may even want to throw in some writing practice by jotting down a list of some brands and styles you all agree on.

Human Anatomy and Physiology – The foot is a complex set of muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, bone, and skin and they all work together to keep us upright and moving around. But sometimes things go askew. Check out last week’s blog about wear patterns – there may be something to learn from the patterns in your child’s present shoes. If you already know your child has an issue with foot mechanics such as flat feet, bring their orthotic inserts with you to the store and use them when they try on new shoes.

Math – How much money can you spend? Know your budget and buy the best shoes that you can afford. It doesn’t pay to put your child in hand-me-down shoes. Big sister’s foot has already formed those shoes in a way that won’t give little sis the support she needs.

Computer Science – Online shoe shopping may work for an adult who has an established style and brand that they know works for them. However, kids’ feet change size and shape as often as every few months! It’s important that they go to a retail store to have their feet measured and to try on several styles.

Art – Is the shoe beautifully designed? Not just pretty, but well-constructed? Check to make sure there’s plenty of room in the toe box (both width and length). Press together the sides at the back of the heel and make sure the heel doesn’t collapse easily. A well-made shoe gives support.

Study these 5 areas to help you find shoes that will keep your kids’ feet strong and healthy. For more information about children’s shoes, consult an expert shoe salesperson or call us at our podiatry office in Montgomery, Alabama at (334) 396-3668. You can also click here to make an appointment to have your child’s feet examined.