Youth Ice Hockey Comes to Montgomery!

Boys and girls between the ages of 4-11 have a fantastic new sporting opportunity here in Montgomery. The YMCA is introducing an ice hockey youth training program with sessions beginning in mid-March at the rink inside the Eastdale Mall.

Ice hockey is incredibly popular among children nationwide, and parents new to the sport should educate themselves about what’s required. Ice hockey requires excellent skating ability, fancy stick work, and often complicated strategizing and cooperation with teammates. Kids will also need the proper equipment to get the job done, to stay safe, and to prevent injury.

Chanda L. Day-Houts, DPM and Heidi M. Christie, DPM, the expert podiatrists at Montgomery Foot Care Specialists, recommend that you pay carefully attention to the skates you provide for your new hockey player. The skate your child wears will affect her ability to stay upright, to get a good glide, and to keep her feet warm and comfortable while sliding along on a cold surface.

Here are three ways to protect feet while playing ice hockey:

  1. Get the right fit. Skates that are too big will cause blisters and ankle instability – which not only endangers the ankle but prevents beginning players from learning to skate properly. Skates that are too small can inhibit circulation, leading to cold feet and numb toes. Bones will be cramped inside a too-tight skate and your child will likely experience foot pain. Be sure to fit your child for skates with the help of a reliable and experienced salesperson.
  2. Pay attention to skate lacings. Tightly-laced skates can cause the same kinds of problems that are caused by a skate that’s too small.
  3. Don’t ignore existing foot problems such as flat feet. Ask us about custom orthotics to reduce foot pain while skating. If your child already wears orthotics, bring them with you when you go to the skate store.

Playing ice hockey and many other sports can be hard on kids’ feet. Keep a close eye on them, ask your child if they have any foot pain, and if the answer is yes, make an appointment with us at our office in Montgomery. Our outstanding podiatrists and staff are here to treat you and your child’s feet with care and understanding. Call us at (334) 396-3668.