Man’s Best Friend and Helper

For anyone who loves and respects animals, the story that broke last week about a Washington County, Alabama dog-fighting ring was just heartbreaking. Twenty-three people from Alabama and five surrounding states were arrested for illegal gambling and endangering dogs that were set up to fight brutal battles, sometimes to the death.

People – those who aren’t lured by illegal gambling, that is – love their dogs and rightfully so. We’ve been domesticating dogs for thousands of years and we adore them for their protectiveness, faithfulness, forgiveness, and love. We even show the world our love and pride for our dogs by creating Facebook or Instagram accounts that they can call their very own.

Service Dogs

Did you know that dogs are being used more and more in service to people with medical needs? Their intelligence and their amazing sense of smell allow them to help care for humans with

  • Diabetes – dogs can sense a dangerous change in their owner’s blood sugar level before it becomes threatening.
  • Certain heart conditions – service dogs can detect when a person’s heart is malfunctioning and get them to safety before they pass out.
  • Severe allergies – canines can identify odors – from nuts, for example – much more quickly and easily than humans and warn their owners to leave the area.

Exercise companions

Dogs are great for helping us get exercise, too. It’s a lot easier for you to find the motivation to get out of bed and take a walk if you have a dog that needs to go outside in the morning!

Walking, or even running, with your dog will help you keep off unwanted pounds and stave off health threats like diabetes and heart disease. And by the way – many dogs are overweight, so getting out for a nice walk is just as beneficial for them.

When you head to exercise with your dog, make sure to wear good-quality athletic shoes. If running or walking with Fido causes you foot or heel pain, contact Dr. Heidi M. Christie or Dr. Chanda L. Day-Houts at Montgomery Foot Specialists in Montgomery, AL for a complete exam and diagnosis. Make an appointment online or call us at (334) 396-3668.