How to Minimize Your Risk of Falling

We all know an aging person who’s fallen. If they’re really lucky, they get a little bruised and battered with no further problems. More often, falling down causes serious injuries that can threaten the life of a senior citizen.

September 22 is Falls Prevention Awareness Day and we’re proposing that if you have a loved one who is at risk of falling, or you are a senior citizen yourself, there are a number of actions you can take to preventing falling. At Montgomery Foot Care Specialists, we’ve boiled these actions down into two major categories:

Assess your home

  • Everywhere: do everything in your power to remove all obstacles around you. This could include furniture that you have to walk around, area rugs that slip and slide (put non-slip rug pads underneath them) or those piles of newspapers and magazines you’ve been storing up.
  • In the bathroom: consider installing a higher toilet and grab bars in the shower or tub.
  • On the stairs: put hand rails on both sides of indoor and outside staircases.
  • In low-light areas: add automatic-sensor lighting, change to brighter bulbs, and add table lamps with the electric cords securely out of your walking paths.

Assess your body

  • How strong are you? – maintain your muscular strength by continuing or enrolling in a regular exercise program.
  • How good are your senses? – wear your glasses and have your hearing checked: your eyes and ears are crucial to helping you stay on your feet.
  • How do you feel overall? Any sort of malaise or constant pain can actually put you at risk of falling. Talk with your doctor about any symptoms you have. Remember to discuss your medications and any side effects that could increase your risk of falling.
  • What kind of shape are your feet in? Problems such as arthritis, poor circulation, diabetes, and nerve damage can put you off balance in a hurry.

Dr. Heidi M. Christie and Dr. Chandra L. Day-Houts can help you in your efforts to control your environment and take charge of your body, most especially your two feet. Call us at (334) 396-3668 for an appointment or request an appointment online.