6 Ways to Check Your Foot Health

Checking your feet to make sure they’re in top working order? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Except that it really is an excellent practice and something that  Heidi M. Christie, DPM and Dr. Chanda L. Day-Houts of Montgomery Foot Care Specialists recommend.

Even if you’re not having any problems with your feet, it’s important to look out for signs of trouble in these 6 areas:

  1. Circulation. Look at the color of your feet. Spots that look discolored (different from the rest of your foot) or toes that are blue, red, or purple may be the first sign of a problem with your blood vessels. Check the temperature of your feet and toes. Are they colder or hotter than the rest of your body? Do a further check by pressing down on your big toenail, letting go, and watching the blood flow back into your toe. If it takes more than a few seconds, ask our podiatrists to make sure you don’t have a circulation problem in your feet.
  2. Skin. Is there a lack of hair growth anywhere? That can also indicate a circulation problem. Notice if any cuts or bruises are red, swollen, or have a white discharge, all of which indicate an infection. Be sure to check in between the toes for hidden lesions. Calluses, rough spots, or blisters probably mean that your feet are ready for some new, better-fitting shoes.
  3. Flexibility. Healthy feet and toes can move around in all directions.
  4. Sensitivity. Put light pressure on the bottom of your foot using a blunt object such as a pencil eraser. Test all areas of your foot and make a note of any spots that feel different.
  5. Pain. There’s no room for pain in the healthy foot. Foot pain can emanate from stress fractures, arthritis, Reynaud’s syndrome, bunions, and much more. Pain indicates that you should make an appointment to visit us.
  6. Balance. Stand on one foot. If you can’t do it, it may only mean that you need to hit the gym more often to improve your muscle strength. But there may be other issues going on that can be addressed through proper examination and physical therapy.

If you have difficulty doing any of these 6 steps by yourself, enlist a friend or family member, or visit us at our office in Montgomery, AL. Consider Dr. Christie and Dr. Day-Houts your partners in expert podiatric care. Call us at (334) 396-3668 or make an appointment online.