Foot Dos and Don’ts for Triathletes

Okay, all you triathletes – we know you’ve been busy signing up for spring and summer races. Whether you’re a seasoned triathlete or a newcomer to the sport of triathlon, no doubt you’ve been diligently practicing your mantra of Swim-Bike-Run-Eat-Sleep-Repeat.

Our doctors at Montgomery Foot Care Specialists wouldn’t mind changing your mantra just a bit. Somewhere in that activity pattern, you know you need to take the time to really care for your body – including your feet. Remember to make rest a part of your routine, and follow these dos and don’ts that we’ve put together especially for triathletes:

  1. Don’t Buy Running Shoes Online. Trying on shoes before you buy them is essential for a good fit. Go to a reputable athletic shoe store that will take the time to personally serve you, and even check your gait on a treadmill. Ask them about socks as well. Wearing a quality, sweat-wicking sock can help you avoid blisters.
  2. Do Pamper Your Skin. Your feet will be prone to dryness from all the abuse they get pumping the water, pedaling the bike, and propelling you forward those many miles of your run. Your heels will be especially prone to cracking from dryness, so keep them well-moisturized. Men as well as women – treat yourself to a pedicure or do it yourself at home. You’ll feel better when your feet feel great.
  3. Don’t Touch Those Blisters. If you do get blisters on your feet, your best bet is to leave them alone. A blister is the skin’s way of protecting itself from friction. Don’t pop the fluid-filled sacs. If you find they’re not going away, or they are unusually large or painful, consult with Dr. Michael Rosenberg or Dr. Heidi Christie at our Montgomery podiatry office.
  4. Do Cut Your Toenails Properly. Keeping your toenails short is a great idea, both in terms of fitting your running or cycling shoes properly and in terms of not inadvertently breaking them during a race (not to mention slicing into your competitors’ skin during that open-water free-for-all start!). Just be sure to cut them straight across so you don’t suffer the pain and potential infection of an ingrown toenail.

Triathletes – our expert podiatrists, Michael L. Rosenberg, DPM and Heidi M. Christie, DPM, are waiting for you at the finish line. When you have foot pain, don’t ignore it, as many minor problems can grow into major sideliners. We promise to give you prompt and skilled care of the feet that serve you so well in your sport. Make an appointment online or call us today at (334)396-3668.