Best Shoes for Diabetics

Diabetics face all kinds of challenges, especially when it comes to their feet. Blisters, ulcers, corns, calluses, even simple cuts or abrasions have the potential to become life- or limb-threatening infections, since they don’t heal easily. Preventing these kinds of foot problems from occurring in the first place is a smart practice, and wearing properly-fitting shoes can help.

We’re lucky here in the tri-county area to have an excellent diabetic shoe program at Montgomery Foot Care Specialists, located in Montgomery, AL. Our podiatrists, Dr. Michael Rosenberg and Dr. Heidi Christie, are specially trained to evaluate the special needs of diabetic feet and prescribe the appropriate shoes. Not all diabetics will need custom shoes, but our program is available for those who do.

Why special shoes for diabetics?

A diabetic’s foot is at much more risk than a non-diabetic’s. Their shoes must provide a maximum amount of protection from injury. Custom-made shoes for diabetics will ensure stability, provide extra room where needed, be extra shock absorbent, or give extra support to minimize pressure and prevent wear and tear. They’re made with special, soft materials that are specifically designed to help with:

  • poor circulation (peripheral artery disease)
  • loss of feeling (neuropathy)
  • deformities such as bunions or hammertoes
  • reducing the friction that can lead to ulcers and infections

Depending on your condition or needs, our podiatrists might also fit you for orthotics (shoe inserts) for your special shoes. Patients who have Medicare will be comforted to know that the cost of diabetic footwear is covered.

Anyone with diabetes is well-served by having their feet regularly checked by a qualified podiatrist. Check with us for a full evaluation of your special needs, and to see if you could benefit from custom shoes. Make an appointment, or call us at (334) 396-3668 with all of your questions about diabetes and our diabetic shoe program.