Sweaty Feet: Are They Normal?

It’s not unusual to have feet that sweat. When it’s hot outside or when you’re exercising, your whole body will sweat, and your feet are no exception. But our podiatrists here at Montgomery Foot Care Specialists want you to know that it’s possible for feet to sweat an abnormal amount.

What is an abnormal amount of sweat? It’s when your feet perspire even if the weather’s cool or when you’re not active. It’s wetness that interferes with daily living, perhaps to the point of putting you in embarrassing situations. What’s so embarrassing? The nose knows: having excessively sweaty feet often means having smelly feet, too. Constant moisture can lead to bacterial or fungal infections, which can cause a nasty odor.

Hyperhidrosis: Causes and Treatments

Another name for feet that sweat all the time is “hyperhidrosis.” Chances are that you inherited the condition from your family. But excessive sweating sometimes has other causes, including stress, diet, medication, or hormonal changes. It’s important to seek proper care and diagnosis from an experienced foot doctor, such as our experts here in the tri-county area, Michael L. Rosenberg, DPM or Heidi M. Christie, DPM.

For mild cases of hyperhidrosis, our podiatrists recommend the following:

  • Practice excellent hygiene: wash and dry feet and toes thoroughly and often
  • Wear moisture-wicking socks: avoid cotton and wool since they absorb sweat and trap it close to the skin. Look for socks made from acrylic or CoolMax synthetic fabric. Changing socks a number of times per day will also help to keep them dry
  • Choose dress shoes made of leather or athletic shoes with mesh tops. Shoes made of plastic, canvas, or nylon don’t let your feet “breathe”
  • Soak your feet in black tea or vinegar: click here for the recipes.

For more severe cases of hyperhidrosis, there are other medical treatments that include ointments, Botox injections, prescription antiperspirants, and even a procedure that temporarily plugs up your sweat glands.

If your feet are chronically smelly, or if having sweaty feet is interfering with your life, make an appointment with us online, or give our office a call at (334) 396-3668.