Laser: The Latest “Weapon” for Toenail Fungus

Laser-wielding Jedi masters are invading movie screens all over the country these days. But destroying an enemy with a laser beam isn’t unique to Star Wars or other fictitious, on-screen battlegrounds. Laser is something that we use every day at the offices of Montgomery Foot Care Specialists in Montgomery, AL.

Who’s our enemy? It’s toenail fungus – admittedly not as exciting or intergalactic a foe as Han Solo might combat, but a foe you are much more likely to encounter in your earthly lifetime. Laser therapy to eradicate toenail fungus is safe and effective as practiced by our podiatrists, Dr. Michael L. Rosenberg and Dr. Heidi M. Christie.

What is toenail fungus?

You can suspect that you have toenail fungus if your nails appear thick, raised, or yellowish in color. Fungal toenails (the medical term for it is onychomycosis) are caused by an organism that grows in your nails and under them as well. You can pick up the organism in a dirty nail salon or in a locker room at the gym. It’s fond of growing in wet places, so overly sweaty feet or wet shoes can also cause it to grow.

Non-laser treatments

Topical ointments and oral medications have been used for years to treat toenail fungus, with varying degrees of success and sometimes with side effects. When these other treatment options fail, the affected nails would have to be surgically removed – sometimes permanently. There are patients who choose no treatment at all, and simply live with the fungus.

The laser treatment option

Our podiatrists can offer you laser treatment, which consists of aiming a concentrated beam of light through the nail, destroying the offending fungus. Laser treatment

  • Is performed right in our office
  • Requires no anesthesia
  • Poses no danger to the nail itself, nor to the skin around it
  • Allows patients to return to their normal routine immediately after treatment.

What to expect with laser therapy

  • The doctor will begin by cleaning and filing your toenails.
  • You may feel a slight warming sensation as each toe receives treatment.
  • You should see new nail growth, free from infections, within a few months.

Laser therapy to treat toenail fungus is quick, safe, and effective. Let our experienced podiatrists examine your feet and determine if you’re a candidate for this important new “weapon” in the arsenal of effective fungal toenail treatments. Call us at (334) 396-3668 or make an appointment online.