Daily Care for Diabetic Feet in 2 Simple Steps

Most people would be hard-pressed to say that they inspect their feet every day – but for the diabetic, daily care of the foot is essential. A break in the skin, for example, is usually not a problem for the non-diabetic. In people with diabetes, however, simply peeling open a bandage, covering an open wound, and waiting for it to heal could lead to serious complications, including infections that at best won’t go away, and at worst can require surgery or amputation.

We at Montgomery Foot Care Specialists recommend regular self-examination to spot potential problems before they become threatening. Here are two simple steps to follow as part of your daily routine to keep your feet in tip-top shape:

  1. Examine your feet: How do they look?
  • Do you have any cuts or abrasions?
  • Is your foot swollen?
  • Are your toes discolored?
  • How do your toenails appear? Brittle? Ingrown? Is there a change in color?
  • Have you developed any calluses or corns?
  • Has the shape of your foot changed at all?
  1. Determine how your feet feel
  • Do you notice any numbness?
  • Have you lost feeling in your feet?
  • Is one foot less sensitive to the touch or to temperature than the other?
  • Are your feet or toes cold?
  • Are you experiencing any pain?

If you have diabetes, we don’t recommend treating these issues on your own, or with over-the-counter medications. Symptoms such as these could indicate nerve damage, problems with circulation, Reynaud’s disease, or nail fungus that can lead to dangerous infections. Or, they could simply mean that a correction of your shoe style or shoe size is in order!

Let our experienced podiatrists, Dr. Michael L. Rosenberg and Dr. Heidi M. Christie, offer you the proper diagnosis. They are best-qualified to tell you what your findings mean, and to recommend the necessary treatment. Daily self-examination of your feet, partnered with regular visits to our Montgomery office, will help keep diabetic foot problems at bay. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have or to make an appointment.