Orthotics Prevent and Ease Foot Pain

ankle-probsBrandi Schlossberg, an advocate of foot and ankle orthotics, believes that orthotics can help prevent conditions such as plantar fasciitis. The foot aids take a lot of pressure off of the heels and reduce the amount of shock absorbed into one area, creating an even flow of absorption throughout the foot. Orthotics help reduce the amount of pain and inflammation felt in the foot and ankles when these conditions occur.

Orthotics can also improve the movement of the feet and regulate walking patterns. Optimal usage of the foot while wearing orthotics can prevent conditions like plantar fasciitis before they even start. Although you can get orthotics without a prescription, it is advised to see a doctor before spending any money on them.

Orthotics can be help for a wide variety of foot and ankle prevention. If you are having discomfort of the feet and would like to get fitted for orthotics, contact Dr. Michael Rosenberg of Montgomery Foot Care Specialists. Dr. Rosenberg can treat your foot and ankle needs.

What are Ankle Foot Orthotics?
Orthotics are physical aids used to support weak limbs or direct the proper function of limbs. Often they are used to support the ankle and foot. Such orthotics are known as AFOs. AFOs help strengthen the muscles or train them to function in the proper position. AFOs can also benefit muscles that need to be lengthened or loosened.

Why might you need orthotics?
Orthotics are often prescribed when someone is suffering from diseases that affect the musculature, like polio and multiple sclerosis. However, more common conditions like arthritis and stroke, or those that “toe in”, may also require orthotics.

Modern orthotics have improved dramatically from the metal braces of previous years. Many of today’s orthotics are made of lightweight plastics and other advanced materials to provide new levels of comfort and support. Often the orthosis is designed in a rigid L shape that is contoured to the calf and flesh colored.

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