Toenail Fungus

Tired of ugly toenails? We can help!!

Toenail fungus, or onychomycosis, is an infection underneath the surface of the nail caused by fungi. The nail often becomes discolored, and thickens. The quality of the nail deteriorates. The
infection is capable of spreading to other toenails, the skin, or even the fingernails. The resulting thicker nails are difficult to trim and make walking painful when wearing shoes. Onychomycosis can also be accompanied by a secondary bacterial or yeast infection in or about the nail plate.

Because it is difficult to avoid contact with microscopic organisms like fungi, the toenails are especially vulnerable around damp areas where you are likely to be walking barefoot, such as
swimming pools, locker rooms, and showers, for example. Injury to the nail bed may make it more susceptible to all types of infection, including fungal infection. Those who suffer from chronic diseases, such as diabetes, circulatory problems, or immune­deficiency conditions, are especially prone to fungal nails. Other contributing factors may be a history of athlete’s foot and excessive perspiration.

We have multiple treatment options available at Montgomery Foot Care Specialists. Treatments may vary, depending the microorganism and severity of the infection. We will culture the nail to determine the cause, and form a suitable treatment plan. The treatment plan may include topical or oral medication, laser treatment, and last resort removing the nail.

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