Tendinitis is a common cause of foot pain, occurring when there is inflammation or irritation of the tendons. Tendons are thick cords of tissue that connect muscles to bone.

Pain is the most prominent symptom of tendinitis. The pain will be most noticeable when you try to move that part of your body. The involved tendon may swell and become stiff.

Some of the most common causes for tendinitis are overuse, injury, abnormal foot structure (flat foot or high arches) and medical conditions such as arthritis.

Achilles tendinitis, or an inflammation of the Achilles tendon, is one of the most common causes of foot or ankle pain. Other types of foot/ankle tendinitis include posterior tibial tendinitis and peroneal tendinitis.

This can result from an injury or over­use. Improper stretching prior to exertion or incorrect form during physical activity can also contribute to the development of tendinitis. Some people, including those with “flat feet,” tight tendons or arthritis, are particularly prone to tendinitis.

Our doctors will perform a complete physical examination of your feet. X­rays or an ultrasound might be ordered to rule out any other problems, such as a fracture or torn tendon.

We will immobilize the affected area for a period of time. Medication can help, so we recommend or prescribe oral medication. We have two priorities for tendinitis. Our first goal is to treat your tendinitis and our next is to prevent the problem for returning.

If the pain doesn’t go away with ice and rest, or if the pain persists beyond a week, it’s time to see Montgomery Foot Care Specialists. Tendinitis can become a chronic problem. So don’t wait!