Skin Cancers

Feet are one of the most neglected areas of the body. Cancers of the foot are more often missed or diagnosed too late, especially melanoma within the nail unit or plantar (bottom) of the foot. For this reason, it important that the feet are checked regularly. Skin cancers of the feet are more often related to viruses, exposure to chemicals, chronic inflammation or irritation, or inherited traits.

Our doctors are trained as foot specialists to recognize and treat abnormal conditions on the skin.

Please lookout for the ABCDs of melanoma.

Asymmetry – If the lesion is divided in half, the sides don’t match.
Borders ­- Borders look scalloped, uneven, or ragged.
Color – There may be more than one color. These colors may have an uneven distribution.
Diameter – The lesion is wider than a pencil eraser (greater than 6 mm).

Also look for spontaneous ulcers and non­healing sores, bumps that crack or bleed, nodules with rolled or “donut­shaped” edges, or scaly areas.

Our office will determine the possibility of skin cancer both through a clinical examination and with the use of a skin and/or nail biopsy. If you have any suspicious areas on your feet please call Montgomery Foot Care Specialists immediately!