Sinus Tarsi Syndrome

The sinus tarsi is a small cavity on the outside of the foot between the ankle and heel bone. This cavity contains blood vessels, nerves, fat, and a ligamentous complex. Sinus Tarsi Syndrome
usually develops following an ankle sprain or due to repetitive strain from running or walking on a flat foot.

Some symptoms can include pain, swelling, and tenderness over sinus tarsi area, pain or difficulty running or walking on slopes or uneven surfaces, and moving the foot inwards. The
symptoms typically are worse in the morning and may present as pain and stiffness that slowly improves as the patient warms up.

When treated early, recovery is quick but without early intervention it can lead to chronic pain. Call and schedule an appointment with Montgomery Foot Care Specialists and our doctors will set up a treatment plan depending on the severity. We have the capability to perform x­rays and ultrasounds in our office for your convenience.