Peripheral Neuropathy

Yes! We can treat and test for peripheral neuropathy!

Are you having numbness or tingling in your feet? You might have a condition called peripheral neuropathy.

Peripheral neuropathy describes damage to the peripheral nerves ­the nerves in your toes and fingertips. When the nerves are damaged, they don’t function properly. The most common cause
is diabetes. Some other causes could be neurological disorders, injury, medications, hereditary, advanced age, alcoholism, AIDS, chemotherapy or radiation, and nutritional deficiencies. Although, the causes of peripheral neuropathy are diverse, they produce common symptoms including weakness, numbness, burning, tickling, pricking or tingling and pain in the legs and/or feet. A large number of cases are of unknown cause.

There are many treatment options available not only to treat the symptoms but to make your nerves healthier. A skin biopsy might be performed to diagnose or evaluate the extent of your
neuropathy. Early diagnosis and treatment offer the best chance for controlling your symptoms and preventing further damage to your peripheral nerves.

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