Do You Need Diabetic Shoes?

There are only two podiatry practices in the river region that offer specialized shoes for diabetics, and Montgomery Foot Care Specialists in Montgomery County is one of them! We even have a Certified Shoe Fitter on staff who’s trained to help diabetics find custom-fit, comfortable, supportive shoes that reduce diabetic foot problems.

The Purpose of Diabetic Shoes

Diabetic shoes also called therapeutic shoes, have two important purposes: to ease foot pain and to prevent or slow down the progress of foot problems in diabetics. Specifically, diabetic shoes:

  • Relieve Pressure. This is important because constant pressure on any one area of the foot can cause corns, calluses, and blisters that may progress into dangerous ulcers.
  • Provide Adequate Space. Diabetic Shoes are roomy just where your foot needs them to be. For example, they can be molded with extra-wide toe boxes to accommodate toe deformities.
  • Offer more protection than regular shoes. Special inserts fitted to your individual foot and soft materials help minimize the risk of foot friction and irritation. This is especially helpful to diabetics who suffer from diabetic neuropathy – nerve damage that makes it difficult to feel pain.
  • May reduce the risk of infections and limb amputation.

Medicare Coverage Applies

Diabetic shoes and inserts that our skilled podiatrists, Dr. Chanda L. Day-Houts and Dr. Heidi M. Christie, prescribe are generally covered by Medicare Part B. When they are medically necessary, they may also be covered by private insurance companies.

We encourage you to think of wearing diabetic shoes as part of your overall strategy to manage diabetes and take care of your feet. Ask us about our unique diabetic shoe program by calling us at (334) 396-3668. When you come in for an appointment at our Montgomery, Alabama podiatry office, we’ll assess your need for diabetic shoes and give you a custom fit right at our office – no need to go anywhere else.